The Omani French Friendship Association

Working in collaboration with the French Embassy in the Sultanate

The Omani French Friendship Association (OFA) is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an aim to provide a platform that promotes friendship, understanding and matters of mutual interest between French and Omani business and social communities present in the Sultanate. The Association is established with the core objective of developing trade, culture and economic ties by organizing various events and activities that address current topics, trends and concerns.

To ensure success and long-term sustainability of the Association, OFA targets at offering memberships to locally present French and Omani Corporates, Small – Medium Enterprises, Non-Governmental Organizations, Individuals and Students with a common interest in the objectives of the Association.

OFA is the brainchild of prominent French and Omani individuals in collaboration with the French Embassy in the Sultanate. Their vision was to create a legal entity at minimum costs while providing maximum value to its members. Accordingly, OFA welcomes any French or Omani national or a person who has a significant French affiliation or interest, residing in Oman to join the association.

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