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6th February 2019: ‘Insurance Evolutions’

The Omani French Friendship Association has sponsorised an event on Insurance Evolutions on the 6th of February 2019 at The Fraser Suites Muscat from 9:30 am till 12pm.

At a time when the Sultanate is about to launch into Mandatory Medical Insurance in phased stages, the purpose of the presentation was to give the audience a current picture of the Omani Insurance Market and raise awareness on the entry of Artificial Intelligence in the industry, as well as a consideration on mandatory Pension for the expat community and how it could help the economy, the employers and the employees.

The speakers for this event were all seasoned insurance executives: Mr Hugh Brian Ellison Robson, CEO of Risk Management Services (RMS) and Mr. Houssam Tabbara, Insurance Executive. The moderator was Mr. Patrick Choffel, Ex CEO of Oman Insurance Company and Board Member of OFA.
Patrick Choffel gave an overview of the presentation and what it was pretending to achieve. Houssam Tabbara explained the current market situation and the impact of the Artificial Intelligence in the insurance industry and more specifically in the management of medical claims portfolios. Hugh Brian Robson developed the theme of mandatory pensions as an overall positive tool that could also be an alternative to remittances. The audience then raised questions as the topic is of major interest to all. No doubt more will follow.

11th December 2018: Live Music

On 11th December 2018, the French Embassy in cooperation with OFA, organized a live music party at the French Residence with Marlin, a young French electronic musician. More than 200 people enjoyed the dance floor and the nice buffet. We are now waiting for the French Week from 15th to 22nd of March 2019 to have more!

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Oman tourism – Gearing up for the future: Event by OFA

MUSCAT: In an endeavor to support the booming tourism sector of the Sultanate, OFA hosted a premium event titled “Oman tourism – Gearing up for the future”. The event was held on Sunday, 11 November 2018 at the Kempinski Hotel under the auspices of Maitha Saif Al Marhouqi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism.

French week 2018

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OFA Gallery

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