Workshop on ‘Logistics in Oman – A Collaborative Approach

//Workshop on ‘Logistics in Oman – A Collaborative Approach

Logistics in Oman – A Collaborative Approach.

OFA conducted a workshop on ‘Logistics in Oman – A Collaborative Approach’. The event was held on 26th April, 2017 at the prestigious French Embassy. The workshop was focused around global and local trends in logistics. The guest speakers of the event were Mr. Aju Thomas, General Manager, Wilhelmsen Towell Co LLC Oman, Mr. Sanjeev Madavi, Vice President – Supply Chain Management, Bahwan Exel LLC and Mr. Pascal Aroule, Director, Rio Tinto Sohar Logistics LLC.

Mr. Aju, spoke about the local and global logistics scenario and presented 3 cases for a collaborative approach that can boost the logistics industry in Oman. Mr. Sanjeev presented the SCM aspects to increase efficiency, reduce costs, HSE benefits, etc. He also presented the technology trends that can help in the digital transformation of the logistics industry. Mr. Pascal presented the contributions and functioning of Rio Tinto in Oman. The event was well received by the participants.

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